Mavs video: Luka Doncic shows off soccer skills with toilet roll
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VIDEO: Mavs’ Luka Doncic shows off soccer skills with toilet roll during coronavirus suspension


Dallas Mavericks’ point-forward Luka Doncic has joined in the global social media craze in which people juggle a roll of toilet paper during the coronavirus quarantine. The Mavs star posted an Instagram video of him taking on the quirky #StayAtHomeChallenge fad.

Let’s say we now know why he chose basketball:

Doncic gets in four juggles before he kicks the roll away and trips on the way, causing his girlfriend, AnaMaria Goltes to crack up.

This juggling challenge can be misunderstood for non-soccer fans, considering the current shortage of toilet paper caused by the mass hysteria during this COVID-19 pandemic.

A Netherlands soccer media company started the trend, one that caught on with several European soccer players that self-isolated to keep the virus from spreading. Soon enough it became a social media craze.

The original fad was a way for people to wash their hands while they juggled the toilet paper roll, though most choose to wash their hands first and then juggle.

Manchester City’s Phil Foden and Bayern Munich’s Jerome Boateng โ€” two world-class footballers โ€” made a much better rendition of the challenge.

Clearly the Mavs All-Star chose the right sport, because judging by his juggling skills, his soccer dreams may have dropped like that toilet paper roll did after a mere four seconds.

More importantly, Doncic is encouraging people to stay home and isolate, allowing the virus to be contained and keep from spreading โ€” a tactic many others need to take seriously.