In the fifth inning of Wednesday night's matchup between the Philadelphia Phillies and the New York Mets, Francisco Lindor caught a ball off a line drive by Phillies third baseman Edmundo Sosa before tossing the ball to first base for a double play. It should have been the end of the story right there because regardless of how soft Lindor's toss was, he still got the job done, which was to get two outs.

However, the Phillies broadcast team did not seem to be all too happy about the perceived effort Francisco Lindor put behind that pass, with Ben Davis even saying that he's “not a big fan,” and that the Mets star shortstop should have been “a little bit more professional about it.”

Well, Twitter is not really feeling the sentiment of Davis, with baseball fans on social media voicing out their disbelief over such nitpicking.

“No way the Phillies broadcasters were crying about how Lindor threw the ball to 1st base when the batter didn’t even leave the box 😂,” tweeted Marc Luino.

“Asking the Francisco Lindor to be ‘more professional' about doubling you up on your bad hit-and-run choice is hilarious btw,” said Twitter user @Jolly_Olive.

@TwoCynicsPod did not hold back: “NBC Sports Philadelphia crew with a boomer cynical take ready to go whenever you need it.”

Francisco Lindor and the Mets still got the last laugh, as they defeated the Phillies, 4-1 to move just a win away this Thursday from sweeping their National League East division rivals.