New York Mets owner Steve Cohen has no problem with Jacob deGrom leaving the team to join the Texas Rangers. After all, he's a free agent who has the power to choose any team he wants.

Cohen kept his response on deGrom's exit classy, though he didn't talk about it that much as well. Instead, he wanted the Mets and everyone else to focus on what they should do next to improve the team.

“I wish him well. He has the right to choose his team. Now this team has to move on to the next thing,” Cohen said of deGrom.

For those who missed it, Jacob deGrom surprised the whole MLB world on Friday after he signed a five-year, $185 million deal with the Rangers. A lot of people thought he's going to stay with the Mets for the rest of his career, especially since he has been the ace of the team for a long time now.

Even making things more shocking, a report noted that deGrom didn't even give the Mets a chance to show him their final offer, suggesting that he really wanted a fresh start somewhere else or the money the Rangers offered was just too hard to pass up. Either way, it's definitely understandable since New York hasn't had much success since he joined them in 2014, and it's unknown whether Steve Cohen and co. would even offer him $37 million a year.

As Cohen said, the Mets can no longer do anything but move on from deGrom and focus on the things that will matter to the team.