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Michael Jordan to appear in Space Jam: A New Legacy?

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With Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James heading the Space Jam: A New Legacy project, few would imagine Michael Jordan making a return to acting. And yet, here we are.

While making the rounds, actor Don Cheadle not only teased the appearance of the former Chicago Bulls icon, but flatly confirms it — though it’s a bit cryptic.

“Michael Jordan is in the movie,” Cheadle says at the 9:02 mark of the above video. “But not in the way you’d expect it.”

Oh, Don. You’re a shifty little bugger aren’t you?

Anyway, circling back to Space Jam: A New Legacy.

It is important to note, much like the project Michael Jordan spearheaded back in the day, that this movie is for children. It remains hilarious that grown adults are having very strong opinions on a kids’ movie whenever they see a leak or LeBron James says something about the project.

Nonetheless, let the theories begin. What do you guys think his role will be (assuming Don isn’t trolling)? Will it just be old clips of Michael Jordan from the original? Will he maybe come out of nowhere to give LeBron James life advice? Will the GOAT even be in Space Jam: A New Legacy?