Michelle Rodriguez, a veteran of the Fast and Furious franchise, recently revealed that she and Charlize Theron filmed a major fight sequence for the upcoming Fast X movie without a director present. Rodriguez praised Theron's work ethic and skills as an action star, saying that they were able to “nail” the scene without any outside help, she revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Rodriguez and Theron, go head-to-head in what promises to be a brutal and intense fight sequence. The scene was shown in the official trailer for Fast X, which also introduced new cast members Brie Larson and Jason Momoa.

Despite the absence of a director during the filming of the scene, Rodriguez said that everything went smoothly and that she and Theron were able to work together seamlessly. The two actresses have a long history of doing their own stunts, with Rodriguez recently performing stunts in the new Dungeons & Dragons movie and Theron training in sword fighting for The Old Guard 2.

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Fast X marks the departure of director Justin Lin, who directed several of the previous Fast and Furious movies. The Transporter director, Louis Leterrier, filled Lin's shoes, and it was the period between the change when Rodriguez and Theron had their battle. Rodriguez praised Lin's work and revealed that his departure during production did not disrupt the filming of the scene with Theron.

Rodriguez also hinted at what fans can expect from the script, saying that while it is not an ending, it will leave fans feeling both cheated and excited for what's to come. With the Fast and Furious franchise looking like it's coming to end soon, it seems that fans will have to cherish these final years.

Fast X is set to hit theaters on May 19th.