The Michigan football team is without a head coach as Jim Harbaugh accepted the head coaching position with the Los Angeles Chargers. The Wolverines are coming off of a national championship win, but Harbaugh wanted to make a return to the NFL. It seems very likely that Michigan is going to hire offensive coordinator Sherrone Moore to be the next head coach, but there are some other names floating around as potential candidates for the Wolverines.

One name that has been mentioned for the Michigan football opening is Brian Kelly. Kelly is currently the head coach of the LSU football team, and he was the Notre Dame football coach before that. The Wolverines and the Fighting Irish are big rivals, and Michigan fans do not like Kelly.

It's hard to deny the fact that Brian Kelly is a good football coach, however. Colin Cowherd certainly thinks so, and on a recent episode of The Herd with Colin Cowherd, he said that he thinks Kelly should be the next coach at Michigan.

What would I do?” Colin Cowherd said.I would do the unpopular thing. I would hire somebody that makes people uncomfortable like Jim did. I'd hire Brian Kelly. Oh, I know you don't like him. And many don't like Jim Harbaugh. But yet, Brian Kelly wins and wins everywhere and wins instantly. And he rubs people the wrong way. Even today after all his success so does Harbaugh. Because we now live in a world with social media where people are just anti things. Science, climate change, government, corporations, me, you, celebrity, everything. And despite the data you could hand them on Harbaugh, people to the very end called him overrated. People that cover the sport that have sources, that have written best selling books, that are reputable. Jim Harbaugh is an all time coach. Brian Kelly's not there. He never got to a Super Bowl. He doesn't have NFL offers and doesn't have a natty. But he's the closest thing to Jim. But he's not going to get hired. And I get it. And a young man who deserves a chance at Michigan will and I wish him the very best. But in my lifetime, the easy the comfortable is almost never the perfect choice. But let's be honest. Who needs perfect at Michigan?”
Cowherd knows that Michigan football is more than likely going to hire Sherrone Moore, but he doesn't think that kind of coaching move typically works. It seems like we'll find out if Cowherd is right or wrong, because it looks like the Wolverines are going to take that route.