The Michigan football program is one of the most storied of all time, and they have one of the biggest brands in college football. The Wolverines should be able to compete with the best of the best when it comes to NIL, but that hasn't really happened so far. A big reason for that is because Michigan has taken a different approach than other big schools. If you come play for the Wolverines and do well, you will be set up nicely with NIL, but it has to be earned. Things could be changing a bit for Michigan in the NIL world, however, as they are making a big move.

“BREAKING: Valiant Management Group set to partner with national firm in a significant move for Michigan NIL,” Chris Balas of The Wolverine said in a tweet.

This is huge news for Michigan football. They should be one of the top schools in the country when it comes to NIL, and this deal can get them there. Jared Wangler, co-founder of Valiant, noted that this move is one that big NIL leaders like the Texas football and Ohio State football programs have done.

“There will be a relationship between Champions Circle and this agency similar to what they have at Ohio State and Texas,” Jared Wangler said. “The objective is to continue to bring a ton of marketing deals for Michigan student-athletes. There’s going to be a retainer relationship between Valiant, Champions Circle, and the agency, similar to what we nearly contracted with them about a year and a half ago. We’re going to use this retainer relationship to bring more marketing opportunities to Michigan student-athletes.”

Ohio State and Texas are both leaders when it comes to NIL, so if this is something that they have both done, then this is great news for Michigan football.

This is going to be huge for Michigan football NIL

Sherrone Moore, Michigan s new head football coach, speaks in front of family, media and faculty members during a news conference inside the Junge Family Champions Center
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Being able to work with a national firm is going to help the Michigan football team, and other athletic programs at Michigan, a lot. The Valiant group is going to be working on similar aspects of the NIL game that they have done in the past, but the national firm will be able to bring things to another level.

“The retainer we sign with them is going to go toward support staff to be sourcing out deals, and it will tie into not just commercial opportunities, but unique events and different opportunities to bring more donors in, bring more fans in,” Wangler added. “It’s similar to what we’ve been doing but working with a professional national outlet to bring more opportunities to the market.”

This is great news for Michigan. You have to be able to adapt in today's era of college athletics, and the Wolverines appear to be doing that.