College football fans everywhere can't wait for July 19th, because that is the day that new EA Sports NCAA 25 video game comes out. The game was last released in 2014, but it is able to make a comeback due to NIL. The official cover and trailer was revealed recently, and Michigan football running back Donovan Edwards is one of the cover athletes. Edwards is joined by Texas quarterback Quinn Ewers and Colorado star Travis Hunter on the cover.

Donovan Edwards wasn't the starting RB for Michigan football last year, but he is the player that is representing the Wolverines on the cover. Michigan won the national title last year, and Edwards had two long runs in the national title game. Last year wasn't his best season overall, and he was going through a lot mentally because of it. Being rewarded with this NCAA 25 cover feels good.

It feels great, honestly,” Edwards said, according to an article from 247 Sports. “I went through a lot last year mentally. Wasn't all the way there physically. But more of the mental side, and I stayed patient. I didn't want to leave. I didn't want to say, ‘I'm being done wrong.' I just took what was going on, took my situation head-on. So just to be able to get a reward and to be granted with a blessing as being on the cover of EA just really shows how great God's blessings are, and just staying patient and staying humble.”

There was a time when Edwards felt like he didn't deserve to be on the cover of the game because of his quiet season. He realizes that there were a lot of good players for EA to choose from, and he is happy that he is one that made the cut.

“I'm very grateful that EA picked me, because they could have chose anybody, either on my team or anybody in the country, because there's so many types of guys out there,” Edwards said. “Very grateful as well to be on the cover with Travis and Quinn — two outstanding guys, guys who are going to be first-round Draft picks.”

Donovan Edwards called Blake Corum about the cover

Michigan running back Donovan Edwards talks to running back Blake Corum (2) at warm-ups before the national championship game at NRG Stadium

The reason why Donovan Edwards wasn't the starting RB for Michigan football last year was Blake Corum. Corum was the star RB of the team, and when Edwards found out about the NCAA 25 cover, he called Corum. Edwards didn't feel like he deserved it, but Corum made him feel better.

“One of the guys, Ty, from EA, he said ‘keep it a secret,' I said ‘Ty, look man, I ain't gonna lie to you, I probably told my well-known friends, trusted agent,' that's a Jim Harbaugh saying right there,” Edwards said during an interview with 247 Sports. “So I call Blake [Corum] when I got the call, and I was like ‘man, this is just crazy because', me I always think that I can do better, I'm very hard on myself, right, and I told him ‘I don't even deserve to be on here like I didn't even have a great season to even be on the cover of the game.' Basically what he told me was that I deserve it. I've been through a lot. Growth mentally, emotionally and spiritually, that god has blessed me and I deserve to be on it. And he told me that there's no doubt that I'm gonna have a big season this upcoming year.”

Donovan Edwards is the projected starter next season, and Wolverines fans are hoping for a big year from him.