MLB 9 Innings 24’s upcoming All-Star Event began this week, allowing players to earn more in-game items and currency. To commemorate the upcoming 2024 MLB All-Star game, Com2uS is adding some limited-time content for players to earn. There’s also a new “Festival of Stars” event, and new missions to unlock more content. Without further ado, let’s check out MLB 9 Innings 24’s new All-Star event.

MLB 9 Innings 24 All-Star Event – Login Rewards, Events & More

The MLB 9 Innings 24 All-Star Login Event begins on Monday, July 8th, and ends on Wednesday, July 17th (7:59 PM EDT). To participate in the event, you just need to login every day from July 9th-17th. The rewards will be available to claim 24 hours after they’re sent. For more information, check out the daily rewards below:

  • Day 1: Diamond Special Training EXP
  • Day 2: Skill Training Ticket
  • Day 3: Diamond Gear Draw
  • Day 4: Premium Trainer Recruit Ticket
  • Day 5: League Ball Recharge Ticket
  • Day 6: Premium Vintage Player Pack
  • Day 7: Player Upgrade Ticket
  • Day 8: Signature Player Pack

All-Star Coins

Additionally, Com2uS announced some new events to celebrate the upcoming All-Star Game. Until August 13th, players can collect new All-Star coins by playing the game. You can exchange these coins in the cons in the All-Star Coin shop for some items:

  • Signature Player Pack
  • Ultimate Trainer Recruit Ticket
  • All-Star Emblem
    • This emblem is exclusive to the event period.

Festival of Stars Event

Lastly, a new Festival of Stars Events allows players to earn Stars, along with various other items:

  • Signature Player Pack
  • Skill Select Change Ticket (based on your selected star sign)

You can choose one of three star signs on the event page and complete 10 types of missions. These include things like Play League Mode. Overall, completing these missions unlocks you other star signs and rewards.

Furthermore, a new Hit Event is currently ongoing. You can earn various upgrade items based on your daily hitting results/participation. So in case the login rewards and Festival of Stars event wasn’t enough, you can earn rewards from the Hit Event.

Overall, that wraps up everything in the MLB 9 Innings 24 All-Star Event. With the All-Star Game coming up soon, it’s a great time for players to get into the game.

The 2024 MLB All-Star Game takes place on July 16th, and features the best players from both the AL and NL from the season so far. Although the official MLB season is far from over, it’s nice to see the league’s very best have some fun and just enjoy the national pastime. We look forward to both the game, and the brand new event in MLB 9 Innings 24. Best of luck in earning coins and getting the items you want.

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