The MLB lockout has frustratingly raged on, despite the MLBPA and the owners consistently meeting for talks. The negotiations between the two sides haven't advanced very far, forcing the league to cancel Spring Training games. Now, the MLB has announced a hardline date for regular season games to be canceled, via Fox Sports MLB.

Per Fox Sports, an MLB spokesperson said that if a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is not signed by February 28, regular season games will start to get canceled. It's not particularly surprising, given that the MLBPA and the owners have made about as little progress as possible since the lockout began.

The biggest obstacle preventing a new CBA between the two sides- and regular season games being preserved- is the issues of the competitive balance tax. The MLBPA and the owners reportedly haven't had discussions on the CBT yet, which is shocking.

It's only perhaps the biggest point of discussion in the MLB lockout- and yet, the two sides haven't even advanced to the point where they can begin discussing it.

It's becoming increasingly likely that the MLB regular season will look shorter. Needless to say, it's been a rough offseason for the MLB. After this announcement, it could get much worse.