MLB commissioner Rob Manfred recently said that he is not optimistic that the Athletics will remain in Oakland, per Bob Nightengale and Fox Sports. Rob Manfred added that the A's are likely to move to Las Vegas.

MLB and NBA have both been rumored to be considering expansion/relocation to Las Vegas. For the NBA, it would likely be expansion. However, baseball seems content with 30 teams for now. But the Athletics' unattractive ballpark and low fan attendance makes Las Vegas a legitimate possibility for the franchise. The NFL recently moved the Raiders from Oakland to Las Vegas, so it makes sense for the Athletics to follow suit.

Las Vegas has become known as a quality baseball city despite not having an MLB team. Superstars such as Bryce Harper and Kris Bryant are from Vegas. Additionally, the city is home to travel ball tournaments and fields a competitive brand of youth/college baseball.

Rob Manfred did not offer other details in reference to potential Las Vegas relocation. However, he did state that the Rays will likely remain in Tampa Bay with a new ballpark. The Rays have been waiting for a new stadium for years now as they look to increase their fan attendance.

Rob Manfred also addressed the MLB extra inning rule, per Bob Nightengale.

“The clubs like it, the players like it. And I think overall the fans like it,” Manfred said. “I think it does bring sort of a focus to the end of the baseball game in a way that has been positively received.”