The Toronto Blue Jays look like they will be sellers at the trade deadline. Their 35-43 record isn’t very good and, while they do have some nice young players, it looks like their time as playoff contenders is up barring a massive shake-up.

For as much as the Blue Jays don’t want to admit that their chances of competing in the playoffs are up, it’s in their best interest to make the realization. If they want to keep going for it, they have to pull off a major trade. Otherwise, it would be best for them to become sellers. They have plenty of good options for opposing teams to trade for, according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic.

Rosenthal writes the following: “First baseman Vladimir Guerrero Jr., up to a .797 OPS, would carry greater value, especially to a team such as the Mariners. And if the Jays are smart, they at least would consider moving a starting pitcher such as Chris Bassitt or even Kevin Gausman, given the shortage in the market.”

The Jays trading Guerrero has been floated as a possibility before. Trading away the young star would make for a seismic move. Perhaps it's one that could help Toronto reload its farm system to rebuild.

Who will Blue Jays trade at 2024 trade deadline?

As July 30 approaches, the Blue Jays will have to recognize that it's better to gut the team than waste time trying to salvage a not-so-great squad. Pulling the plug early is much, much better than pulling the plug too late.

There are bound to be lots of calls on Guerrero from teams that want to make a major addition to the lineup. The 25-year-old isn’t back to his MVP form but he has been even better than he was last season and is under team control for one more season after this one. He has a .796 OPS, a .368 on-base percentage and 10 home runs in 78 games this season.

Gausman hasn’t had an incredible season and his strikeout percentage is way down but his talent is undeniable. The 33-year-old righty would be a big boost to any starting rotation. With a 4.24 ERA and a 3.71 FIP, his numbers are still pretty solid and he's under contract through the 2026 campaign.

Bassitt's durability is a major asset to the Blue Jays and it would be for any other team. He has a 3.45 ERA and his home-run rate is just 2.0 percent, his best since 2018. Although he's now 35 years old, the right-hander would be beneficial as a middle-of-the-rotation arm and is signed through next season.

The fact that Bo Bichette wasn’t named as one of those marquee options is a sign that his stock is in the gutter. After three straight seasons posting an OPS above .800 and receiving MVP votes, his OPS is at .629 right now. His power at the plate appears to be zapped. Keeping him around for one more season in the hopes that he can replenish his value before being traded is the best course for them.

The Blue Jays being sellers at the trade deadline will be tough to come to terms with but, unless they can pull off moves that make them as good as other American League powerhouses, it’s the route that can pay off in the best way.