The Chicago Cubs find themselves in the middle of a rebuild, but they have still managed to perform better than many folks expected them to for the most part this season. While they have a sub .500 record at 42-47, in the weaker National League Central, they can't be counted out of the playoff race just yet, even if things don't look great for them.

However, the Cubs front office may have a different view of their team heading into the 2023 MLB trade deadline. While Chicago could opt to stand pat and see how their season plays out, it sounds like they could be preparing to be sellers ahead of the deadline, with key pieces such as Marcus Stroman and Cody Bellinger being eyed by contending squads.

“The Cubs also are being eyed as a team that has valuable pieces to sell (Marcus Stroman, Cody Bellinger, etc.), but they’ll wait until closer to the deadline.” – Jon Heyman, New York Post

While it seems like the Cubs are leaning towards being a seller, they haven't fully bought into that plan just yet, as a hot run immediately after the All-Star break could alter their plans. But if they continue to struggle and hover around the .500 mark, it's looking increasingly likely that the top teams in the league will be calling them for their top players.

With the MLB set to resume on Friday now that the All-Star break is over, the Cubs will embark on an interesting stretch that will likely define their season. And unless they go on a ridiculous run to reemerge as a true contender in the NL Central over the next few games, it's looking increasingly likely that they will be sellers ahead of the trade deadline.