Heading into the All-Star break, the Chicago Cubs currently sit at 42-47 in a very precarious situation. It seems now that whatever happens during their home-stand after the All-Star break will determine whether or not they are buyers or sellers at the MLB trade deadline, reports MLB on Fox's Ken Rosenthal.

“Keep in mind, after the All-Star break, the Mariners have a 10-game home-stand, so do the Cubs. It will be very interesting to see how it fares for these clubs.”

The 10-game home-stand once the All-Star festivities are taken care of will probably be the most important stretch of the season so far for the Cubs. If they are able to find some success, then they could potentially be buyers and try to put themselves into a position to make a postseason run.

If the Cubs struggle in that stretch, it would come as no surprise to see them become sellers. They have a few players who would be highly coveted names on the trade market, starting with ace Marcus Stroman. Stroman is having the best season of his career and earned himself an MLB All-Star Game nod; there is no doubt that contenders around the MLB would want to add him to their staff.

Along with Stroman, Cody Bellinger has seen a resurgence this year that a playoff team would love to cash in on. A lefty, power bat can pay dividends come postseason baseball, so look out for Bellinger's name to be involved in trade talks if the Cubs struggle out of the gates in the second half of the season.