MLB free agency lacks no amount of various factors. Money, location, competitiveness of a team, and more all weigh into a free agent's decision. But for Justin Verlander, his LA-based home with wife Kate Upton could benefit the Los Angeles Dodgers in a pivotal manner.

“Some still see the Dodgers as an even likelier destination, possibly since Verlander and his actress/model wife Kate Upton have a home in Los Angeles,” Jon Heyman wrote in a recent article for the New York Post.

The Dodgers have been linked to Verlander throughout the offseason. Many reports state that the Houston Astros are content with the current state of their pitching rotation. However, the New York Mets and Yankees are reportedly interested in Justin Verlander as well. The Mets' interest in the reigning AL Cy Young winner recently saw a drastic increase following Jacob deGrom's decision to sign in Texas with the Rangers.

Another factor in Justin Verlander's free agency will be length of contract. Teams might be hesitant to give a soon to be 40 year old anything more than 2 years. But Verlander may be looking for a 3-year deal. A recent report said that the New York Mets offered Verlander a 2-year contract worth just shy of $87M with a mutual 3rd year option, per Hector Gomez.

Both the Dodgers and Mets, and any other potential Justin Verlander suitor for that matter, would likely prefer an option for a 3rd year rather than 3 guaranteed seasons. It will be interesting to see where Verlander ends up signing.

Perhaps Verlander's home in LA with Kate Upton will be the deciding factor.