The New York Yankees have had a promising start to the 2024 season. However, the team is rumored to be eyeing moves ahead of the MLB trade deadline. The major developments in New York's interest surround the improvement of their bullpen and Mets first baseman Pete Alonso.

With a 50-22 record, the Yankees have a strong hold on the AL East. They have the pieces necessary to make a deep playoff run. New York possesses the services of stout first base contributors in DJ LeMahhieu, Jon Berti, and Oswaldo Pereza. Nevertheless, the club is rumored to make a big-time upgrade such as Mets' Pete Alonso at the MLB trade deadline, per Jon Heyman.

It would be interesting to see the Yankees' cross-town rival join their squad. Alonso is amid another strong season in his sixth year with the Mets. Through 68 games, the 29-year-old has hit 14 home runs, which ranks him 15th in the league. In addition, he bats a .230 average and has accumulated 32 RBI with .763 OPS.

Pete Alonso would make the Yankees' offense scarier than it already is. But would he gel with the rest of the roster? Moreover, how would his arrival affect the Yankees' growing payroll? If the team decides to make a push for him, they surely will have a plan to make him fit financially and hopefully for the long term.

In addition to improving their first base position, New York is eyeing upgrades to their bullpen. New York is believed to have an interest in Miami Marlins shutdown reliever Tanner Scott and Chicago White Sox reliever-turned-starter Garrett Crochet, per Heyman. Crochet leads the AL with 103 strikeouts. Adding Scott or Crochet could be what pushes New York's defense over the top.

Yankees have options ahead of 2024 MLB trade deadline 

New York Yankees pitcher Michael Tonkin (50) and catcher Jose Trevino (39) celebrate
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The beauty of New York's situation is they have options. They have performed admirably through the first half of the season, so they are not pressed to make a big move. At the same time, the club realizes making upgrades could help them capitalize on their potential and give them a greater chance to win in the postseason. With 162 total games to play, having increased depth is not a bad thing.

As mentioned earlier though, New York must be wary about the opportunity costs of making moves. Specifically, it would be interesting to know what the Mets would ask for in return for Pete Alonso. New York is ready to win now, but maintaining assets for the future is also important.

One of the biggest future questions on the Yankees roster is star right fielder Juan Soto. The San Diego Padres traded Soto to New York in December of 2023, marking the start of his tenure in the Bronx. So far, Soto has not disappointed.

Through 69 games, Soto boasts top-six MLB rankings in batting average, home runs, RBI, and OPS. His production has him aline for a big pay increase during the offseason. MLB Insiders believe Soto could command around a $500 million contract over several years.

Soto has done great things for New York since his arrival. If the Yankees can keep him and the rest of the roster intact, it would be considered a win. Yet, Soto will not keep New York from bolstering their depth. Will the Yankees pull off their rumored bullpen or first base moves before the 2024 MLB trade deadline?