Need some extra rolls? Check out our Monopoly Go Free Rolls and Dice Links here!

If you need the extra dice rolls, you can also earn them from regular in-game rewards. The daily bonuses, like the Community Chest and Free Gift, and game progress are some ways you can get free dice rolls and other rewards. You can also spend real-world money to buy these, but why do that when we have the Monopoly Go Free Rolls and Dice Links below?

Monopoly Go Dice Links Today

Clicking or tapping each link should open the browser and allow you to claim the rewards. You can also copy the link directly onto your browser if the hyperlink doesn’t work. If you are still unable to claim the rewards, try using a different browser or open the links in incognito mode.

Note that you need to be level 15 and have Albums unlocked to claim these free rolls. A prompt will pop up in-game after claiming the links, notifying you that the free dice rolls were successfully claimed.

Each link can only be claimed once. A pop-up will tell you that “this reward has already been claimed” will appear if you try to claim a link more than once.

The links below were last updated on April 14, 2024. This list is regularly updated for all of the active Monopoly Go Free Dice Rolls Links today.

More Dice Rolls in Monopoly Go

There are other ways to get Dice Rolls in Monopoly Go!

The first one is the Daily Treats, which you earn by logging into the game every day. Among the rewards you earn from these daily rewards are dice rolls.

One more daily thing you can do to get dice rolls is the Community Chest. Every day, you can open the Community Chest for a chance to win free rolls.

Another source of Dice Rolls is the Quick Win missions, which will reward dice rolls when you complete them. Keep track of your missions by clicking the appropriate button near the Landmark.

The Free Gift that resets every 18 hours has a big chance of giving you dice rolls.

Game progression, like completing sticker albums and album books, rewards a lot of dice rolls. You can also exchange duplicate stickers for other rewards.

When you refer a friend and they install Monopoly Go for the first time, you will receive 30 dice rolls.

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