In the past year or so, Marvel has hit home run after home run with releases like Spider-Man: No Way Home and Shang-Chi. Of course, the former just obliterated the box office recently and greatly expanded Sony's cooperation with Marvel Studios. The thing is, the recent release of Morbius and its end credits scenes isn't doing that partnership any favors.

Right before the film was released, Morbius was already decimated by critics, hailing Jared Leto's vampiric performance as “boring and uncalculated.” In it, the 50-year old actor plays a biochemist trying to cure himself of a rare blood disease. Instead, he transforms into some sort of vampire when the experiment goes wrong.

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As Morbius has been released in some parts of the world, the plot and its end-credits scenes have spread on social media. Keep in mind, though, that there are spoilers ahead.

During the first of Morbius' two scenes at the end, a massive purple rift cuts through the New York City skyline, which was a spell Doctor Strange cast during the climactic events of No Way Home. The scene shifts its focus to Michael Keaton's Adrian Toomes who suddenly appears in an empty prison cell. It's later revealed through a news report that Toomes was released because there was no record of him being imprisoned in the first place.

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Morbius' first end credits scene is meant to connect the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the one Sony is trying to build. And while it's a straightforward one, the second scene raises a lot more questions than answers.

In it, Leto's Morbius is seen driving out in the open. He then steps out and uses his bat sonar ability as Toomes' Vulture appears in a slightly-modified suit he wore during Homecoming. The villain lands and says he has no idea how he got there and thinks Spider-Man has something to do with it. Toomes added that he thinks people like him and Morbius should team up to “do some good.”

From these two scenes alone, it's clear that Sony is building the Sinister Six with Vulture and Morbius in it. What's confusing, though, is how Toomes managed to get hold of his Vulture suit if he arrived in this parallel universe from a prison cell. It doesn't help too that Toomes' shift from being a prisoner at the end of Homecoming to seeking Spider-Man with Morbius at his side doesn't have any solid foundation to stand on.

With Sony set to release Kraven, this part of the multiverse is slowly growing bigger. It remains to be seen which Spider-Man is Tooomes and Morbius's targeting in the end credits scene or how Sony is going to pull off their shared universe for these characters.