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Myles Turner has turned Indy into Block City and deserves 2021 DPOY consideration

Myles Turner, Mountain Dew

Indiana Pacers big man Myles Turner is easily one of the top rim protectors in the NBA today. Oddly enough, despite his clear talents, it should be argued he widely isn’t getting the recognition he deserves.

Operating as arguably the best shot-blocker in the NBA, Turner repeatedly finishes in the top five and finds himself glossed over for the Defensive Player of the Year award, never at the top. It’s truthfully a bit strange, as one would think a talented big man swatting a league-best 3.4 blocks per game would be enough to result in the player’s name being mentioned at the top of any and all DPOY conversations.

That. Changes. Now.

Mountain Dew has jumped in to charge Turner’s campaign and make sure every DPOY voter is paying attention. Together with the Indiana Pacers and the city of Indianapolis, Mountain Dew has launched a campaign to highlight Turner’s valid case as this year’s Defensive Player of the Year.

The movement is aptly dubbed Block City, which is an ode to both the wonderful city of Indianapolis and, of course, the defensive juggernaut who is Myles Turner. The objective of the campaign is to tie up Indianapolis with Turner himself and his most formidable on-court asset — erasing shots at the rim.

The campaign aims to rename the city of Indianapolis to Block City. To help get this done, Mountain Dew has set up a petition for fans and lovers of blocks to sign. We encourage everyone — both citizens of Indianapolis and Myles Turner fans in general — to turn this dream into a reality by signing the petition at MylesTurnerforDPOY.com.

Turner has long been a top defender in the league and it’s “DEW” time that he gets the recognition he deserves.