Recently the NBA shop posted a brand new Toronto Raptors t-shirt design.

It was a nice design, but when you start thinking about the context, there was one flaw. The shirt featured a United States flag on it instead of a Canadian flag, which didn't go over too well with their fans.

The caption (which has since been removed) read ‘Are you American? Do you like the Toronto Raptors, an NBA team based in Canada? Why not celebrate both!'

Many fans questioned the phrasing and called out the site. The shirt was eventually removed, but only after the kids sizes sold out. It turns out that there are several NBA teams in a series with the same flag design for sale, so it the Raptors themselves shouldn't be blamed for the oversight. You can find them on the NBA Store right now.

The NBA Store

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The Raptors shirt was corrected with a Canadian flag, and the VP of Fanatics, the NBA's brand partner and online retailer, issued a statement.

In the process of loading these banner wave t-shirt images for all the NBA teams, the wrong image was used for the Raptors and then quickly corrected with the Canadian flag, which is currently up on the site.

All is well that ends well. No confusion for staunch Raptors fans, and the T-shirt line lives on. If you want to purchase one, take a visit to the NBA Store and browse the T-shirt section to see if it fits your taste.