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Teams preparing to use Skype for 2020 NBA Draft


The NBA season may have been put on hold indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic, but it certainly hasn’t stopped teams from making the necessary preparations for the upcoming draft. With strict social distancing measures in place throughout the nation, a new report has emerged that teams have now opted to use technology as their main tool in preparing for the draft.

With the NCAA season also being cut short, NBA teams were unable to get a full preview of what most prospects might have to offer. Unfortunately, such is the situation at hand, and teams are now left with no choice but to make their decisions based on the shorthanded data that they have.

Moreover, as the tweet above suggests, even the annual NBA combine and individual workouts might not be a luxury teams will have this year, which further adds to their problems. Fortunately, Skype will be a huge help in terms of being able to personally interview their potential draftees. We all know that nothing beats a face-to-face, but due to the circumstances, NBA front offices will need to make do with what’s available.

With the NBA season being pushed back by at least a month, it would not be surprising if the draft is likewise rescheduled. Originally dated for June 25, this year’s draft will likely be moved to a later date. The league will probably need to figure out first when the playoffs and the Finals will take place before penciling in a new date for the draft.