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NBA commissioner Adam Silver says hiatus will last at least 30 days

Adam Silver, NBA

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said Thursday on TNT that the league’s hiatus due to the coronavirus outbreak will last for “roughly a month,” at least.

“In the two full board meetings I had yesterday, and today, not one team raised money. The entire discussion was about the safety and health of the players, the community around the NBA, and our fans. What we determined today is that this hiatus will be most likely be at least 30 days. And we don’t know enough to be more specific than that,” Silver said to the NBA on TNT crew.

Silver also explained how the news of Rudy Gobert’s positive test led to the last-minute cancellation of Wednesday’s game between the Utah Jazz and Oklahoma City Thunder and, ultimately, the league-wide hiatus. You can watch more from Silver’s interview below:

Silver’s pronouncement comes a few hours after a conference call, during which the league’s governors reportedly encouraged the commissioner to reevaluate the suspension in 30 days.

In that best-case scenario, the season could resume right around the previously planned start date for the playoffs: April 18. In addition to evaluating when it’s safe to continue to play and let fans in the buildings, the NBA will have to determine where to pick up the schedule. One option would be to resume the regular season where it left off and play into midsummer. Or, the league could jump directly into postseason hoops based on the current standings. We can only hope Silver will be facing these decisions soon.