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Sarah McLachlan will perform Canadian national anthem, Pat Monahan of Train for U.S.

Sarah McLachlan, Pat Monahan, Raptors, Warriors

In a game that will forever be linked to a possibly epoch-defining injury to one of the game’s best players, Game 5 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and Toronto Raptors ended with a one-point win for the visiting Warriors – but they also suffered a terrible loss with Kevin Durant going down with an Achilles.

However, the series must go on, and the singers of both the United States and Canada national anthems have been announced ahead of Game 6 of the NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Toronto Raptors, per a Tweet from USA Today’s Jeff Zilgitt.

As you can see, the Raptors get to hear talented crooner Sarah McLachlan belt out “O Canada,” while the Warriors are forced to listen to the semi-tuneful yelping of Pat Monahan of Train.

Though Train’s early career was defined by some turn-of-the-millennium classics in the form of Meet Virginia and Drops of Jupiter, their somehow still-ongoing later career has been defined by vapid, earworm melodies such as Hey Soul Sister.

McLachlan, on the other hand, has sold over 30 million albums in her career (compared to 10 million for Train) and is well-known for her angelic voice as well as the famed use of her song “Angel” in a commercial for the ASPCA, which has led to over $30 million in donations since it began airing in 2006.

Though the games still need to be played and singing national anthems is not at all a competition, if it were, the Raptors would’ve won this one easily.