We have just received what is perhaps the most concrete update with regards to the league's plans of resuming the current campaign. NBA insider Shams Charania reports that league commissioner Adam Silver intends to make a decision in the near future about the status of the current season.

Here is the update from Shams via Twitter:

To be clear, Silver has yet to make a decision on when the current NBA season will resume. As a matter of fact, he hasn't even made up his mind yet as to whether or not the season will resume or be canceled completely. What we have here is a timetable on when this decision will be made, which will be anytime between two to four weeks from today.

There are so many factors that will come into play here before Silver makes his decision. The health and safety of NBA players and staff are of course, of utmost priority. The coronavirus is still a full-blown pandemic, and while both the national and local government units have done a commendable job in suppressing the further spread of the dreaded virus, there is no denying that the threat is still extremely real — and dangerous.

While this is a welcome development for the league, it is also very much possible that in two to four weeks' time, commissioner Silver will announce the cancellation of the season. If the situation in the country does not improve — or worsen — within the next couple of weeks then the possibility of voiding the 2019-20 campaign will likely become a reality.