NBA news: Adam Silver discusses Rich Paul, NCAA's agent rule
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NBA commissioner Adam Silver discusses Rich Paul, NCAA’s agent rule

NBA, Adam Silver, Rich Paul

The NCAA has once again made headlines when they introduced what many is calling as the “Rich Paul Rule,” which requires agents to have at least a bachelor’s degree before being able to represent a player who is aspiring to make it to the NBA.

There have been a lot of discussions and debates regarding this matter, and just recently, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has decided to share his thoughts about NCAA’s controversial rule. He was recently interviewed by ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, where he said that Paul has already proven his capabilities as an agent, adding that he’s one of the people who should be exempted from the said rule.

“I think Rich has more than demonstrated that he’s a professional negotiator and he’s a highly trained and competent agent. I think the best way would be to say there are exceptions that can be made and he’s a perfect example of that.”

Several draft prospects have signed up for Klutch Sports because of Paul’s credentials. In fact, one of his newest clients is Cleveland Cavaliers rookie Darius Garland. However, since the said rule is now in effect, it will be hard for Paul and his agency, Klutch Sports to acquire players from the NCAA.

Still, Silver’s statement is a testament to the NBA’s open-mindedness about people who are getting the opportunities that they’ve worked hard for even if they weren’t able to finish college. It is important for the league to continue supporting such individuals, especially if they’re able to help others be successful.