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Andrew Bogut sees return to the NBA as ‘feasible,’ but won’t come back ‘just for the sake’ of it

Andrew Bogut, NBA

Veteran center Andrew Bogut could see himself coming back to the NBA after a brief cup of tea with the Golden State Warriors last season, but the reigning MVP of the Australian National Basketball League doesn’t envision coming back “just for the sake” of it.

Prompted with a potential return to the league, the Sydney Kings talisman didn’t shut the door on the potential opportunity.

“The NBA? Yeah, possibly,” Bogut told RSN radio on Tuesday, according to Ronny Lerner of The Sydney Morning Herald. “I doubt the Warriors will come calling because I think they’re going to go, obviously, full rebuild mode.”

Besides that, the Warriors would have a difficult time bringing in Bogut, considering they’re hard-capped and only have $300,000 room to play with, less than one-eighth of what Bogut’s veteran minimum salary would cost them.

Yet even if it isn’t under those circumstances, the longtime big dipper won’t rule out a return, so long as it happens under the right circumstances.

“But I think it’s definitely feasible if it’s the right situation, but I won’t go back just for the sake of going back,” said Bogut. “An opportunity to try and win a championship will be the main thing in the NBA. I wouldn’t go back to the NBA just to play in the NBA, it’s more that [trying to win a title] and somewhere that I’m kind of familiar with and somewhere where I feel comfortable for the family as well would be the other priority.”

Bogut seems happy with his decision to move back to Australia and continue his life in his motherland, now with kids and a family to feed and much more to account for than his own championship ambitions.

The 34-year-old won his only championship with the Warriors in 2015, though it took for head coach Steve Kerr to pull him into a reserve role to make way for Andre Iguodala, who was crowned Finals MVP.