NBA news: Anthony Davis' agent, Rich Paul, gets attention from Bob Myers, Kevin Durant at Warriors game
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Anthony Davis’ agent, Rich Paul, gets attention from Bob Myers and Kevin Durant at Warriors game

Anthony Davis

Per the Athletic’s Marcus Thompson, Anthony Davis’s agent Rich Paul was speaking with Warriors GM Bob Myers and Kevin Durant.

Davis is a free agent coming into this next offseason and the Warriors are looking to bolster their lineup in case either Durant or DeMarcus Cousins leave. Ironically enough, Davis and Cousins had played together a year prior in New Orleans, but the Pelicans weren’t able to get over the hump as a leg injury to cousins really hurt their chances in the playoffs.

The Warriors this past season have surprisingly struggled. Draymond Green has regressed both athletically and with his jumper. He’s had the worst shooting percentages since his rookie year. There has also been rumors that the Warriors may trade him before his contract expires in 2020.

Klay Thompson has also had the worst season of his career. Not only has he had subpar shooting percentages, but he’s taking way more midrange shots and settling because he’s not hitting as well from beyond the arc as usual.

This has caused the Warriors offense to not be nearly as elite as it could. Everything has gone on the shoulders of Stephen Curry and Durant, and sometimes even they can’t just do everything to lead the team to wins.

Moving forward, it will be a huge bolster for the team to have Cousins back. His presence down low gives them versatility they never had. Their one weakness use to always be having a solid rim protector, and now Cousins fills that perfectly. It also allows Steve Kerr to stagger his stars more to give them better rest throughout the regular season.