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Best conspiracies by fans during 2017-18 NBA season

The NBA is the premier basketball destination in the world. Millions of fans line up each year to attend NBA games, purchase NBA gear, and watch their favorite NBA teams. Especially now that the NBA is making billions of dollars in revenue from multiple business partnerships, there isn’t a better time in league history than what exists now for the NBA. Nonetheless, with so many fans around the world, there is a grinding passion that fans exhibit everyday on social media.

Worldwide, fans express love for their favorite teams and players, and show remarkable disdain towards anyone that disagrees with the stance. Interestingly, this interest can evolve into a frenzy of obsession, especially with the rise of NBA conspiracy theories. In fact Reddit, one of the most prominent social media networks, is home to the wackiest conspiracy theories.

Mine would be the…. that the nba wanted lebron comebcak at cleveland so they gave cleveland 3 1st picks in 4 years… Nba wanted drama..

James hardens beard is glued onto his face each morning

Kawhi wants out of SA. S— don’t feel right when it comes to this situation. He is now ruled out for the season when it comes to an injury that can supposedly heal at any time. I think he’s just choosing to sit at this point.

These weird conspiracy rumors are a result of fans expressing their unique standpoint on current issues. Undoubtedly, some of these theories are a bit wayward, but they paint a vivid picture of what goes on in the minds of fans across the world.