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Charles Barkley’s hilarious jab at Kenny Smith for not making NBA Top 75 list

Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, NBA

The Inside the NBA crew has always had hilarious comedic interactions with each other. Now, with the release of the NBA Top 75 list, Charles Barkley has found another way to mess with Kenny Smith.

In the most recent episode of the Academy Award-winning show, Barkley roasted Kenny Smith for not making it to the vaunted Top 75 list of the NBA. (via Reddit)

“In about twenty years you’re gonna be on the list… The 5000 best NBA players, number 409, you’re making it on the list!”

Barkley, of course, was referring to the recent NBA Top 75 list released today (to a lot of controversy, as expected). Charles Barkley already made the Top 50 list years ago, and now, Shaquille O’Neal joined him in that conversation. That made Smith the only former player who didn’t make it there, and for good reason. He was at best a stellar role player: pretty damn good player, but nowhere near as big or impactful as his peers.

But man, Kenny Smith has had it rough. He’s always been the punching bag for the “Inside the NBA” crew. There was this one time that Smith talked about an interaction with had with Hakeem on air, only for Barkley to slam him down with this brutal one-liner.

In all fairness to him, he handles it pretty well. That dynamic is what helped propel this show into what it is now. Kenny, Shaq, Chuck, and Ernie all have these roles and relationships that made “Inside The NBA” into what it is: an entertaining segment that has some actual basketball insight and a lot of roasting and joking with each other. It’s a formula that’s worked for them so much, they’ve won multiple Emmys over the years.

Don’t worry, Kenny. Maybe next year you’ll get on the Top 500 list after all just like Chuck predicted.