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eBay user selling Cheeto with uncanny resemblance to Jerry West in NBA logo

Jerry West, NBA

Have you ever wanted to capture your favorite NBA player in one delicious snack? If you’re in your late 60s or early 70s, you might just be in luck thanks to Jerry West and a snack.

An eBay user by the name of bsmilly has listed an ad for a single Cheeto with the uncanny resemblance to one of the most iconic players in league history, none other than Jerry West, The Logo.

The logo-like Cheeto was placed with a starting bid for $10, with an option to make an offer, but no bids have been received yet.

The entertaining description reads: “Jerry West retired basketball player is now not only immortalized on the NBA logo – but now capture his true likeness on this actual collector’s CHEETO!  Nobody else will ever have one! Be the one! Talk of the town!”

While this sounds like the typical high schooler taking advantage of a fad, the user actually has other (less odd) items for sale, including some UV cooling arm sleeves (if only Allen Iverson was still playing…).

It’s unknown how the user plans to ship the Cheeto or how to protect it through the standard shipping offered in the auction, even less so how he plans to get an edible item through customs if the buyer turns out to be international, but you can surely find out by winning this item before it expires on Thursday at 8:38 p.m. PT.

Be sure to set your alarm for those final minutes of crazy bidding.