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Video: Fight between Serge Ibaka, Marquese Chriss breaks out in Cavs-Raptors game

Marquese Chriss, Serge Ibaka

Toronto Raptors big man Serge Ibaka and Cleveland Cavaliers power forward Marquese Chriss got into a crazy fight on Monday in Cleveland.

Ibaka was trying to catch a full-court pass and fell while Chriss was guarding him. It appears Chriss said something to Ibaka and the Raptors’ center didn’t like that one bit.

Serge got up right away and went after Chriss. Both players threw punches at each other and were ejected:

As we have seen before, Serge Ibaka isn’t afraid to fight with anyone.

Two years ago, Ibaka and Chicago Bulls center Robin Lopez got into a fight and started throwing punches. When he was with the Oklahoma City Thunder, Ibaka always got into it with LaMarcus Aldridge, who was on the Portland Trail Blazers at the time.

Last season while playing with the Phoenix Suns, Marquese Chriss got into a fight with Ricky Rubio and other members of the Utah Jazz. Both Ibaka and Chriss are feisty players and wear their emotions on their sleeves.

Whatever Chriss said to Ibaka obviously made the Raptors’ big man unhappy. He immediately started charging after Chriss and punching the youngster.

Both players will definitely be the subject of fines from the league office on Tuesday.