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Former NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas shares back story on infamous Derek Fisher, Matt Barnes altercation

Gilbert Arenas, Derek Fisher, Matt Barnes

Former three-time NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas threw it back to 2015 when he hilariously shared a bit of a back story on the infamous incident involving Matt Barnes, his ex-wife Gloria Govan, and Derek Fisher.

As it turns out, Arenas received at least a couple of calls from Barnes as the latter drove 95 miles to confront Fisher. For his part, the former Washington Wizard was more than willing to share how the events transpired from his standpoint.

Arenas’ version is definitely much funnier than how most may have remembered things going down on that fateful evening. This was no laughing matter as Barnes literally barged into his wife’s home to attack Fisher. It’s a good thing that no one got hurt too bad from this incident, as things could have gone much worse for all parties involved.

All is well that ends well, I guess. Fisher and Govan are now engaged, and according to some reports, Barnes has even extended an olive branch by congratulating the two for their decision to take the next step in their relationship.

That’s a pretty classy move from Barnes and one that is actually out of the ordinary from a guy who has established quite a badass reputation for himself during his time in the league. The one-time NBA champion has had bouts of violence both on and off the court, which has earned him with somewhat of a notorious image.

The same can be said for Arenas who himself has been involved in a number of incidents during his tenure in the league. He also dated Laura Govan, sister of Gloria, for a good 12 years which explains how he and Barnes formed a brotherly bond.