NBA news: Jeremy Lin calls out physicality in Chinese league
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Jeremy Lin calls out physicality in Chinese league, details getting hospitalized after playoffs


If you thought that they play soft basketball out in China then you are absolutely mistaken. Just ask former NBA guard Jeremy Lin, who has recently called out the Chinese Basketball Association for what he deems to be a lack of protection for players during games.

Jeremy Lin, who recently plies his trade with Chinese outfit Beijing Ducks, shared how he has literally been battered during games all season long:

“My condition isn’t very good because, as we all know, the competition is fierce for both teams,” he said, via AFP (h/t Cassandra Negley of Yahoo Sports).

“We basically play the game and hit people at the same time.

“I can understand if you hit and hurt your opponent by mistake, but [it is unacceptable] if you do it on purpose or the referee doesn’t protect the players.

“We want to be safe on the court, that’s all I can say. I’ll leave the rest for you guys to discuss.”

Throughout the season, the former NBA champ and Knicks sensation has had numerous injuries, including that to his knees, ankles, ears, and neck. He has even had multiple trips to the hospital to tend to said injuries, so clearly, these are not as minor as one would think.

Being a former NBA player, it is only natural for Lin to have a target on his back in the CBA. However, things have clearly gone overboard, and at this point, we cannot blame Lin for demanding more protection against his opponents.