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Kendrick Perkins fumes about LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan double standard

NBA, Kendrick Perkins, Michael Jordan, LeBron James

Kendrick Perkins was not having the disrespect for his former teammate LeBron James following the airing of The Last Dance. James was the subject of heavy criticism after the GOAT debate once again resurfaced following the premiere of ESPN’s 10-part Michael Jordan docu-series.

Perkins, who spent a brief period of time with James as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, came to his defense by comparing the expectations:

“The expectations of Bron is like nothing we’ve ever seen in NBA history,” said Perkins in a tweet. “If Bron scores 63 and 49 in a series and gets swept, every sports network is talking about his inability to get it done, while MJ is getting praised and awarded player of the game in losses.”

That might be right, except that James has never scored 63 points in a game, let alone in his second year in the league.

This endless debate has many wrinkles, but James’ lack of memorable mettle and his previous shortcomings against the San Antonio Spurs, Boston Celtics, and Dallas Mavericks often resurface when speaking of all-around greatness.

While Jordan was unable to match the eight straight trips to the NBA Finals and 14 straight playoff appearances, he has the perfect trinity to debate it: 6-6-6.

That is six NBA Finals, six titles, and six Finals MVPs — leaving no doubt that he was responsible for carrying the torch for a Bulls team battling very high expectations.

Portions of The Last Dance will reflect how much of a pressure cooker Jordan was a part of during his day. While he didn’t face the era of social media like James did, he surely had his share of issues to navigate, ultimately coming out victorious with more rings than one hand can don.