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Kristaps Porzingis trade by Knicks-Mavs originally centered around Tim Hardaway Jr.


Contrary to popular belief, the Dallas Mavericks approached the New York Knicks to inquire about the trade availability of Tim Hardaway Jr. Kristaps Porzingis — who was still recovering from an ACL tear — was just inserted in.

Former NBA guard Tim Hardaway Sr. revealed the juicy bit via Mac Engel of Fort Worth Star-Telegram. According to him, in the last few days of January 2019, the Mavs called the Knicks to inquire about his son. But then, the Knicks suddenly placed Porzingis on the table.

“A lot of people don’t know this, but the trade was not for Kristaps Porzingis. The trade was for Tim Hardaway Jr. Everybody thinks that trade is for Porzingis.”

“Dallas called New York first about Tim Hardaway Jr. That was who they wanted. That’s when New York said, ‘What do you think about Porzingis?’” Hardaway Sr. said. “And then they threw Tim in the deal. People are going to say that’s not true to cover their butt, but that’s what I know.”

It’s an interesting little detail form Hardaway Sr. Reports during that time revealed that Porzingis requested for a trade since he was unhappy with the way the Knicks were dealing with his injury. The Mavs, meanwhile, are known to have a predilection for international players. So it would make a whole lot of sense if they inquired about Porzingis’ availability.

Be as it may, both teams have moved on from that episode. The Mavs are flourishing with the Latvian in the fold. The Knicks, meanwhile, are building a new identity.