NBA news: LaMelo Ball admits he returned to high school to get back on NBA Draft Boards
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LaMelo Ball admits he returned to high school to get back on NBA Draft Boards

LaMelo Ball

In 2017, Lavar Ball took his sons LaMelo Ball and LiAngelo Ball overseas to play in a professional basketball league in Lithuania to further improve their games. However, the youngest, LaMelo has since returned to high school in 2018, in the hopes to get back on the radar in NBA Draft Boards, per Christian Rivas of USA Today.

In a recent feature with Slam, LaMelo detailed his decision and reasoning to come back to high school.

I just felt it was the best choice for me. You know, if you go to the league, they be taking the top flight, ESPN, you know? It’s always those kids. So, I’m like, ‘Yeah, I need to get back on that little draft board and stuff.’ That’s the main reason.

LaMelo has a short stint in Lithuania and even appeared in his dad’s Junior Basketball League. However, being out of the spotlight in high school basketball dropped him from scouts’ radars.

Fortunately, his decision to return has paid its dividends as he is now back on NBA draft boards – ranking 21st in the ESPN’s top 100 list.

As seen in Slam’s feature, LaMelo is currently working on his game as he tries to carve out a path to the NBA. His oldest brother, Lonzo, entered the league as a highly-touted prospect due to his superb playmaking ability and all-around skill set. LiAngelo, on the other hand, unfortunately, went undrafted in last year’s draft.

LaMelo’s path seems to be right in the middle. So far, he’s looking good enough to be projected as a late first round prospect. But of course, with his training and potential, LaMelo can further improve on his draft stock by staying in school.