The NBA Finals is tipping off on Thursday night between the Miami Heat and the Denver Nuggets. Ahead of Game 1, the NBA had the Larry O'Brien Trophy skydive to Ball Arena in Denver.

It is quite the promotional stunt by the NBA, as they are taking out everything from their bag of tricks ahead of Game 1. It should be a very exciting series and having the Larry O'Brien Trophy skydive out of a plane is a good metaphor for what is to come.

The Nuggets are the overwhelming favorite going into the NBA Finals given how easily they cruised through the Western Conference. Not to mention, they came into the 2023 NBA Playoffs as the No. 1 seed in the West, so they are proving that they are as good as what many doubted they were. It helps that Nikola Jokic has cemented that he is probably the best basketball player on the planet.

While the Nuggets are surprising no one, the Heat are the biggest surprise of the postseason. They limped into the 2023 NBA Playoffs after barely making it out of the 2023 NBA Play-In Tournament, but everything changed once they claimed the No. 8 overall seed. They dismantled the Milwaukee Bucks and New York Knicks, and then dangerously moved passed the Boston Celtics after almost squandering a 3-0 lead.

With Game 1 set for Thursday night, both teams now have their sights set firmly on the Larry O'Brien Trophy. Luckily for them, they have a really clear view of it as it falls from the sky and readies for the start of the NBA Finals at Ball Arena in Denver.