Chris Broussard of Fox Sports 1 is a huge Nikola Jokic fan. So much so, that the renowned broadcaster has come out with some GOAT-level praise amid the Denver Nuggets' historic run in this season's NBA Playoffs.

As the First Things First panel discussed the greatness of Nikola Jokic, Broussard and co-host Nick Wright argued that at this point, Jokic has claimed the leaderboard over the likes of both Charles Barkley and Kevin Garnett. Broussard then decided to throw some strays in the direction of Dallas Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki:

“[Jokic] is leading a team to a championship, and his numbers are outrageous. He averages a triple-double,” Broussard said. “… He's better than Dirk. If he wins this championship he's definitely better than Dirk. I think he's just better than Dirk period. … I think Dirk is overrated by a lot of people. He's great but I would put Jokic ahead of Dirk if he wins this championship, without question.”

Mavs fans obviously aren't going to like this. Apparently, Broussard wants to ruffle some feathers among Phoenix Suns supporters as well as he compared Jokic to Kevin Durant:

“Not yet,” Broussard responded when asked if he thought that Jokic had already surpassed KD. “I think when Jokic's career is all said and done, he'll be ahead of Kevin Durant.”

Chris Broussard didn't exactly say that Nikola Jokic is the greatest power forward who ever lived, but given the comparisons he's decided to use here, this is probably as close as it gets.