The NBA offseason has become a fantasy land of superteams when it comes to local leagues and offseason workouts, the latest, a coalition of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Carmelo Anthony during one of Chris Brinkley's M7 Blackout Sessions at Academy Basketball, known as the “Black Ops” training for the NBA's elite players.

During this particular pick-up game, we see James, Durant, and Anthony devouring the competition during a full-fledged five-on-five affair that would have any fantasy team salivating to replicate at any given point. The videos bring a resemblance to the last time these three stars played on the same team as part of Team USA's 2012 Olympics in London, triumphantly nailing a second straight Olympic gold medal alongside a star-studded lineup that included Kobe Bryant and Chris Paul.

These sessions have also featured the likes of Enes Kanter, J.R. Smith and brother Chris Smith, former Knicks forward Lance Thomas, among others.

James had recently declared he had “Basketball Jones” and was looking for the next place to get some runs. This certainly will do just enough to satisfy his thirst for some offseason hoop action, competing against some of the league's best talents.

So while James and Anthony are looking for the next superteam in the making, the two All-Stars can get a slight taste of what it's like playing with elite-caliber players during the offseason, looking to gear up for a much-more competitive season in 2017-18.