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Matt Barnes thinks Bug Bunny is 60, might be dead after having Space Jam debate while high

Matt Barnes, Bug Bunny

Matt Barnes had a hilarious back-and-forth with some of his NBA colleagues in Al Harrington and Kenyon Martin, discussing the effects of marijuana in the league.

Among their discussions was the quality in the 1996 film Space Jam, naturally taking a hit before starting up the conversation during this view-worthy Bleacher Report 4/20 special.

Moderator: “Is ‘Space Jam’ trash?”

Martin: “Nah…”

Barnes: “That’s a classic, they need to bring it back. That’s Michael Jordan they need to bring it back.”

Martin: “Space Jam was cool, it was different. And it was Mike, so you accepted it.”

Barnes: “At the time it was Looney Tunes.”

Harrington: “Who they gonna use, though, Bugs Bunny again?”

Barnes: “Bugs might be 60, hell.”

Harrington: “He’s dead, ain’t he?

Barnes: “Bugs died?”

Harrington: “I think he died”

These are the kind of interesting debates that a weed-smoking session could bring forward among athletes.

While Bugs Bunny, the cartoon character is immortal, his voice actor during Space Jam, Billy West, is very much alive — still working in voice parts for animated shows like Scooby Doo and Futurama.