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Michael Jordan’s feelings about social media, per daughter Jasmine

Michael Jordan, Jasmine Jordan

Jasmine Jordan, the daughter of the great Michael Jordan, shared what her father feels about social media and whether or not fans will finally see the Greatest of All Time open a personal account.

The younger Jordan was interviewed on ABC Audio where she shared some juicy information about her father’s thoughts on social media.

“My father is so — not anti-social media, but anti-social media,” she shared with a laugh, as transcribed by Candice Williams of Good Morning America. “I can never imagine him being on Twitter. I can’t imagine him on IG or anything like that.”

For Michael Jordan fans, the Chicago Bulls legend actually has social media accounts — but only for the Jordan brand. This is his only virtual presence. It may be considered unusual especially in the time we live in where the world pretty much revolves around the Internet. Fellow athletes and celebrities have their own personal social media accounts where fans get a glimpse into their personal lives.

However, Jasmine added a little tidbit about her dad that diehard fans might find interesting. Jordan loves music.

“When you get him in his natural element of just being that fun and rambunctious dad, it’s with music,” she revealed. “He loves music.”

“And it can be rap,” she continued. “It can be R&B. It can be hip-hop, whatever. He has no limit on the boundaries and categories of music that he listens to. That’s really when you get to see that fun side of him.”

It’s unfortunate that we may never see the Jordan tweet or post photos on Instagram like his fellow celebrities. But as Jasmine revealed, music is what powers her dad’s soul, just like the rest of us.