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Report: There’s optimism about continuing NBA playoffs after key Lakers, others talk until wee hours of morning

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There has been a positive development with regards to the possibility of carrying on with the remainder of the playoffs, with a report coming out about how key members of the Los Angeles Lakers and some peers around the NBA talked into the week hours of the morning after Wednesday night’s tense meeting in the wake of the player strike.

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, all hope is not lost at this point:

It is worth noting that Woj did not name any names in his report. LeBron James is undeniably the most central player on the Lakers, and it is unclear if he was one of these players who participated in the late-night discussions in the bubble.

On Wednesday, it was reported that James was one of the most vocal individuals during the meeting in terms of boycotting the rest of the NBA campaign. If he was indeed part of the group reported by Woj here, then perhaps LeBron had a change of heart.

Despite several players pushing for the cancellation of the season altogether, it is clear that no consensus has been reached at this point, with plenty of others pushing for the continuation of the playoffs. Wednesday night’s meeting was reportedly quite intense after the Milwaukee Bucks kicked off the player strike by refusing to come out and play against the Orlando Magic, setting off a chain of events that saw all three games postponed.

A second meeting is to be held at 11 a.m. ET on Thursday, and it is widely expected that a decision will be announced after that. While there is no denying that the season still remains in jeopardy, this latest report seems to provide some hope for a potential (second) restart in what has been a tumultuous campaign, to say the least.