The San Antonio Spurs and Detroit Pistons are both not having the best season thus far. They have new stars in Cade Cunningham and Victor Wembanyama but nothing is clicking yet in the wins department. A lot of analysts have outlined how these teams are more than just a few pieces away from being competitive along with other observations. But, Paul Pierce offered a different perspective on their struggles, via KG Certified presented by Showtime Basketball.

“Against Detroit and against San Antonio, I can get you 20-piece nuggets,” said the 46-year-old Paul Pierce.

While it may be a hyperbole that Pierce is dropping, the Spurs and Pistons have yet to figure out proper schematics on defense. Monty Williams and Cade Cunningham head the fifth-worst defense in the league. They have a 119 defensive rating that has not shown points of improvement in both the perimeter and interior.

Gregg Popovich and the Spurs, on the other hand, are the seventh-worst defensive team in the NBA. A 118.1 defensive rating is bogging them down from getting more wins. But, Victor Wembanyama has shown flashes of being able to anchor the defense such that someone as old as Pierce could not score as much on them.

Pierce was an elite scorer in his prime but his absence from the league's courts may hold him back. Much like other old heads who observe the league, he could just be nudging both teams to do better. But, to claim that he would score something near to his career average might be a little too much.