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NBA players involved in trade rumors explain what it feels like

DeMar DeRozan

It must be difficult for NBA players to go about their business when they’re heavily involved in trade rumors. The constant attention from the media and overall uncertainty must be disconcerting.

Alex Kennedy of HoopsHype spoke with a few players regarding this situation. What these players have to say shed light on one’s mindset amidst trade rumors.

Caron Butler told Kennedy:

“I’ve seen two things. I’ve seen guys go harder on the court to show their value, and I’ve seen guys say, ‘F*ck it,’ and not care at all. It’s absolutely a distraction because chemistry is at stake. A player may think, ‘Why should I care about these guys or wins or losses if I’m not going to be here?’”

It comes down to the mindset of the player involved. There are some who are dead set on proving the doubters wrong. Others may hear trade rumors and completely check out. But it’s a very relatable feeling. When someone sees the writing on the wall and expects to be let go by his employer, it’s tough to stay motivated. Even for professional athletes.

But most of all, players want their teams to be upfront with them. This is a sentiment echoed by Garrett Temple, who was recently involved in a trade. Temple told Kennedy:

“It depends on the way the front office staff communicates with that certain player. A lot of times, guys just want to be told the truth – no matter what that is. What upsets guys the most is when the GM or personnel people are saying one thing to their face and doing something totally different behind the scenes.”

Most of all, guys don’t want to be blindsided. Recently, DeMar DeRozan felt Masai Ujiri and the Toronto Raptors left him high and dry. The All-Star guard felt that he had assurances that he would not be traded, but soon after he was traded to the San Antonio Spurs. He felt blindsided by the move and now there’s some bad blood between the two.

Trades are simply part of the NBA. It’s not easy on players or organizations. But the one thing players ask for is honesty.