NBA news: Rajon Rondo named 'toughest' playoff PG ever faced
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Rajon Rondo named ‘toughest’ playoff point guard ever faced by former champion

Lakers, Quinn Cook, Rajon Rondo

Los Angeles Lakers guard Rajon Rondo is considered one of the elite point guards in the league. According to current teammate and former foe Quinn Cook, Rondo is the “toughest” guard he has faced in the postseason.

Cook appeared on the Dawg Talk Podcast where he admitted that Rondo was his toughest matchup in the playoffs. The Duke product recalled his stint with the Golden State Warriors, particularly when they won the title in 2018. The 27-year-old recalled meeting the best point guards in the West. But none compared to Rondo and the Lakers. Cook said, via Sports Illustrated:

“I want to say it was ESPN and they asked who was your toughest matchup in the playoffs and I was like, ‘Rondo. Not this guy, not that guy.’ Rondo was thinking two possessions ahead. We were playing New Orleans in the second round. He was literally calling out our plays. ‘Bron does that, too. Man, he sees the game from another level. Then when I got to see him every day, he watches the game in slow motion. He watches the coaches calls”

Now that they are teammates, Cook is absorbing everything that Rondo is teaching him. He admits to sitting right beside Rondo during Lakers film sessions. And what’s great is that Rondo is very generous with sharing his knowledge with the young guard.

This surprised Cook because from his point of view, some veterans don’t want to share their own secrets for fear that the young gun might serve as a threat. But Rondo is just different. And this might be the reason why the Lakers have been so successful all season long.