NBA news: Richard Jefferson reacts on Lakers' dysfunction after Tyronn Lue's failed negotiation
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Richard Jefferson reacts on Lakers’ dysfunction after Tyronn Lue’s failed negotiation

Richard Jefferson, Tyronn Lue, Lakers

Former NBA star Richard Jefferson expressed frustration over the recent development in the coaching search of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Jefferson took to Twitter to publicly reveal that he feels bad for Tyronn Lue, LeBron James and Luke Walton. Jefferson’s reaction came after it was revealed that the Lakers and Lue failed to reach an agreement after several days of negotiation.

The Lakers appeared ready to move on with Tyronn Lue as their new head coach after his strongest competition, Monty Williams, agreed to a deal with the Suns. However, the Lakers opted not to give into Lue’s contract demands, ending the negotiation without an agreement.

Jefferson feels bad for James because he needs to deal with the drama within the franchise, and for Walton because of the environment that he worked on in the past three seasons. The retired star also said that he felt sorry for Lue, who decided not to get himself involved in the dysfunctional state of the organization.

The Lakers reportedly offered Lue a three-year deal worth $18 million, but the former Cleveland Cavliers coach and his camp wanted a five-year contract. Their front office also wanted to add Jason Kidd to Lue’s coaching staff. It is unclear if the plan to bring in Kidd as assistant coach played became a factor in the failed negotiation.