NBA 2K's face of social media, Ronnie 2K, made a big mistake on Tuesday after getting caught on his live stream dissing NBA free agent DeMarcus Cousins.

Ronnie Singh, more popularly known as Ronnie 2K, ranted about the seven-foot center a bit after an error was made. While speaking to a colleague regarding the upcoming NBA 2K Players-Only League, he was unaware that his stream was on at the moment.

Shortly after the clip made rounds on social media, Cousins clapped back with the perfect GIF response.

Cousins was among the first 16 NBA players to be confirmed to participate in the upcoming virtual tourney slated to begin on April 3. He was tapped as the 11th seed and will face fellow center Andre Drummond of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the opening match.

Each player was ranked via their 2K rating and their tenure in the league.

Ronnie frustrations stemmed from the fact that the streaming device Cousins was supposed to receive was apparently not delivered, delaying his participation in the tournament.

Cousins, who was waived by the Los Angeles Lakers last February, has unfortunately had a reputation of being hard-headed and short-tempered. Ronnie 2K, on the other hand, has also beefed with other NBA players in the past.