Shaquille O’Neal and the TNT crew had some words for the NBA after they found out Nikola Jokic was suspended. They were frustrated that Markeiff Morris walks off with only a fine.

Charles Barkley had a lot to say,

Jokic gonna lose a game check, this probably $300,000. So wait, one guy is gonna get fined $50,000 who started it, the other guy gonna lose $300,000 because he hit him back?

Barkley adds that both should have been suspended,

That dude just hit Jokic for no reason, you have the right to defend yourself. I cant hit someone and be mad when they hit me back. Me and Shaq both agree with what the Joker did.

With all the chaos that happened between the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat. Nikola Jokic was suspended for one game without pay which will be about $300,000. Markieff Morris, the one who started it, was fined $50,000 for committing a flagrant foul 2 on Jokic that initiated an on-court altercation. Miami Heats’ Jimmy Butler has been fined $30,000. He was fined for attempting to escalate the altercation and failing to comply with an NBA Security interview as part of the review process pertaining to an encored matter.

It’s pretty astonishing that Jokic is the only one who’s going to have to miss a game. This whole situation would have never happened if Morris didn’t put his hands on Jokic.