NBA news: Stephen A. Smith thinks the Lakers’ biggest issue is the Clippers
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Stephen A. Smith thinks the Lakers’ biggest issue is the Clippers


For NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith, the biggest issue that the Los Angeles Lakers will be faced with is the LA Clippers.

Smith’s answer comes as a rebuttal to Max Kellerman’s claims that the Lakers’ biggest issue is the coaching. To recall, the Lakers failed to lure in championship head coach Tyronn Lue who just recently signed with the Clippers.

According to Smith, coaching is part of the issue but the biggest threat is the Clippers team who’s filled with top defenders and a great coaching staff led by Doc Rivers. Not to mention Lue who knows LeBron James’ tendencies and mindset.

“The biggest issue is not the coaching, the biggest issue is the Clippers,” Smith said. “It’s not just that they [Clippers] have the coaching, they have a more complete roster and they have better defenders. When you look at the combination of Kawhi, Paul George and Patrick Beverley, you got three elite defenders in your starting lineup with an exceptional coach who’s high with his motivational skills. And then he adds the coach that coached LeBron for 3-plus years, so you gotta take that into consideration as well.”

Peep Smith’s full explanation below:

Once both Los Angeles teams bolstered their roster and staff with a bunch of signings over the summer, everyone was in agreement that the Battle of LA has begun. But more than a duel for the best team in Tinseltown, both the Lakers and Clippers are tagged as certified contenders.

But from Smith’s point of view, the Lakers will have their hands full with a Clippers squad that beefed up their squad — not just in their roster, but in the coaching staff as well.