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Trae Young ahead of Stephen Curry in one key area, according to ex-Warriors GM

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The comparisons between Trae Young and Stephen Curry have always been there. Both are two of the best shooters in their position with very similar playing styles. However, according to Larry Riley from the Atlanta Hawks’ front office, Young had one area in his game where he probably had the slight advantage over Curry coming into the NBA.

“The only thing he had over Steph was he’s probably a little bit better passer,” Riley told Greg Papa and John Lund (per NBC Sports). “The rest of it, Steph has the advantage. And Trae is still growing into the role that we’d like to see him take, he’s done very well with it, and we just hope he continues to progress.”

Riley was working with the Golden State Warriors back in 2009 when they picked Stephen Curry as the seventh overall pick. He then moved franchises and now works with the Hawks, playing a key role in picking Trae Young as the fifth overall pick for Atlanta in the 2018 NBA Draft.

With that said, if there’s anyone in the right place to compare the potential of these two NBA stars coming out of college, it’s Riley.

As a freshman playing for the Oklahoma Sooners, Young was lighting up the scoreboard with his impressive long-range game, so being likened to Curry was unavoidable.

For what it’s worth, Young averaged 8.7 assists per game in the Big 12 Conference, which was a huge plus to his already potent offensive arsenal. Curry, on the other hand, only averaged 5.6 assists per game in his third and last season at Davidson.

Young is just 21 years old and still has plenty of time to propel himself to be the best point guard in the NBA. Although he has his work cut out for him, Young is confident that he’ll be one of the best guards in the league sooner rather than later.